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Kinder-Winter Parent Classes Available
Kindergarten Winter Parent Workshops
Free Parent Workshops
Posted on 01/07/2021

We’re happy to share that Ready! For Kindergarten winter parent classes are now available to Shelton School district families online.  These classes will give you new ideas and strategies on how to be your child's first and most influential teacher.  You also will receive a free bag of materials to use with your child!

Just like our in-person classes, sessions are available for families with a birth - age 1, age 1-2, age 2-3, age 3-4 or age 4-5 child.  (If you have more than one child in this age range, please sign up for each class needed.)

To sign up, go to

After you’ve registered, I will manually need to go in to approve your registration.  Once you are approved, you can check your account and will see that the workshop course will be available to begin.  You should receive an email once your enrollment was approved.

Sessions are approximately one hour in length. (Parents new to Ready! will start with the brief Orientation class followed by their age-appropriate winter class.) You can pause watching at any time and return to the class later as needed. Additionally, you can share the class videos with caregivers and other family members who interact with your little one. 

At the end of the session, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions and complete an online evaluation form.  This evaluation form will allow you to schedule a time to pick-up your kit.

Again, you can sign up here:

There are limited spots in the online courses based on the amount of kits I have to give out to families, so grab your spot quickly!

Please note some Android phones have encountered some glitches with the e-learning modules.  If you do not have access to another device and are unable to access the evaluation form with your Android phone, please contact Kristen at to have the link sent to you.